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Cars Διαφυγή Απο Τον Φράνκ - Σετ Παιχνιδιού - HRX48
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Cars Διαφυγή Απο Τον Φράνκ - Σετ Παιχνιδιού - HRX48
29,99 €
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: HRX48
Barcode: 194735187881
Κατασκευαστής: Mattel
ΦΥΛΟ: Αγόρι
ΗΛΙΚΙΑ: 3 - 5 ετών

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Cars Διαφυγή Απο Τον Φράνκ - Σετ Παιχνιδιού - HRX48

With three character cars to recreate one of Disney and Pixar's Cars iconic scenes, the Frank Escape and Stunt Race playset is an exciting action-packed way to play with favorite characters. Remember, tractor tipping is all fun and games until Frank shows up! The set has two easy to set up configurations: Frank Escape and Stunt Race. In Frank Escape mode, Lightning McQueen will move in a straight shot to avoid the menacing Frank vehicle chasing after him, knocking over an unassuming tractor and Welcome to Radiator Springs sign in the process. Stunt Race mode sets up a ramp to jump over the hay bales and escape the angry combine. With everything for out of the box play, including Lightning McQueen, a tractor and Frank, who doubles as a launcher, the set makes a great gift for Cars fans ages 3 years old and up. 
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