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Φορτηγό Mercedes Benz με Εργάτη και Οδοποιητικά Σήματα - BR002677
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Φορτηγό Mercedes Benz με Εργάτη και Οδοποιητικά Σήματα - BR002677
66,99 €
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: BR002677
Barcode: 4001702026776
Κατασκευαστής: Bruder
ΦΥΛΟ: Αγόρι
ΗΛΙΚΙΑ: 3 - 5 ετών

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Φορτηγό Mercedes Benz με Εργάτη και Οδοποιητικά Σήματα - BR002677

Φορτηγάκι Mercedes Benz sprinter Έργων με Εργάτη και Αξεσουάρ - MB Sprinter municipal vehicle including light and sound module, driver and accessories

Pioneering, efficient, reliable – this is how Mercedes Benz describes the new Sprinter. The latest generation Sprinter continues to be the versatile and popular transport professional. BRUDER’s extensive range includes the latest sprinters in a wide range of designs.

Repairs and maintenance on roads, pavements and in parks are common in every city and municipality. As a result of its size and variable character the MB Sprinter is many municipalities' preferred vehicle for this type of work. This indispensable helper has now been added to the Bruder range at a scale of 1:16. The vehicle features a tilting loading platform and opening side gates. Plug-in ramps have been enclosed to transport small vehicles. The Bruder construction worker including wheelbarrow, tools, signs and traffic cones has also been included so you can immediately start playing. The Sprinter features a light and sound module to increase its visibility. In addition to three different siren sounds, the module can also output the vehicle's engine sound. Consequently, there is no stopping the next construction site in your children's room.
Διαστάσεις: 500X172X185 mm (μήκος/ύψος/πλάτος)

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